Enjoy fun traditions at Sleepy Hollow both in and out of school!

Our school year is full of traditions such as pumpkin hunts, monthly celebrations of different colors, pajama day, holiday sing-a-longs, field trips and petting zoos, as well as of social activities after school hours! Here are a few of our beloved annual events:

School Traditions

Thanksgiving Feast With Friends

Before school closes for Thanksgiving Break, the Threes and Fours classes gather together for a Thanksgiving Feast with parents and teachers!  Prior to the feast, students are busy preparing green beans and applesauce, as well as artwork to decorate the communal tables.  We gather to give thanks for all the fun we have had in the first part of the year!

Our Two's classes enjoy a special Thanksgiving feast in their classroom, too, complete with lots of festive treats prepared by the parents!  It is a great event that celebrates the growing friendships between our fish friends!

Butterfly Release

In the last weeks of school, students in all grades watch caterpillars form cocoons and emerge as butterflies.  Once the butterflies are ready to take flight, they are released on the playground.  All of our students delight in watching the butterflies fly off - some quickly and without trepidation, and others sticking close for awhile before starting their new adventure!

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Watermelon Social

On the last day of the school year, all students and parents are invited to the playground for a watermelon social.  Families bring picnic lunches, and celebrate all of the ways their children have grown and learned over the school year!

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Pizza Field Trip

One of our fondest Sleepy Hollow Preschool traditions is our annual pizza field trip.  In February, our Threes and Fours classes venture to a local pizza restaurant, where they are able to make their very own pizza, and watch it being baked!  Students then get to enjoy their pizza with teachers, parents and friends!

Social Events

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities for our families to socialize, both formally and informally.  We try to foster a sense of community and friendship outside of school.  However, we also realize families are busy and that time is precious.  While you'll always find an invitation to join us, there is not an expectation that you do so! 


Family Fun Day

On Family Fun Day, families gather together to run and play in the spring sunshine!  We have obstacle courses, a bounce house, face painting and fire and tow trucks to explore!  We also have a good old fashioned bake sale and plenty of playground fun!


Playground Lunches

When the weather permits, many of our families love gathering on the playground to talk, play and eat lunch together.  Tuesdays are especially popular, but you can find friends to play with on any day!  Both our students and parents enjoy the extra time to socialize and enjoy our tight knit community!


Valentine's Day Dinner

One of our newer school events is our Valentine's Day pasta dinner.  In February, our school community gathers for a potluck meal, music and fun.  This event gives our families the opportunity to socialize together while the children get extra time to play!