Loved by Children and Parents

"A wonderful co-operative preschool with an amazing, experienced teaching staff and dedicated parent volunteers. Sleepy Hollow made my daughter’s first school experience wonderful, and I learned so much about parenting preschoolers from the school’s staff.” 

— Sleepy Hollow Parent

"I like Sleepy Hollow Preschool because there are good teachers there. They work really hard and everyone works together. I loved to play and find things outside. I liked the different projects we got to do during open centers and our special field trip to make pizza. I will miss Sleepy Hollow!"

- Will N., age 5, Dolphins graduate

“Sleepy Hollow is such a warm and inviting community. Thank you for making our first education experience so spectacular!

— Becky R., Current Sleepy Hollow Parent

“I like [Sleepy Hollow] because the playground and the school look really good.  We have a lot of time to go on the playground and I like that a lot because I have a lot of time to play with my friends. Inside there are lots of toys. My favorite is the red Dino.”

— Ethan L., Graduated Student, Age 5

"I am constantly amazed by the staff's ability to work with every single child.  My son needed extra social support during open centers. His teachers always had a plan that made him feel loved and nurtured.  My daughter's zest for life often resulted in wet clothes and big messes on school days.  Both of my children were embraced and celebrated for who they are.  I couldn't ask for more!"

— Heather R., Current Sleepy Hollow Parent

”I feel that, by sending all five of my children to Sleepy Hollow, I have given them each a wonderful gift that will impact them for the rest of their lives!”

— Five-time Sleepy Hollow Parent

"I love school because of my friends and my classroom.  And I love when Mommy picks me up on the playground!" 

- Brooke B., age 3, current student.

"I love school because sometimes there are turtles, and there are good snacks.  I love to sing driving in my car."

- Delaney L., age 3, current student

I loved all the teachers that I had. I loved doing art and playing in the Pretend Room."

— Grace, Graduated Student, Age 6

SHPS 423.jpg

My favorite thing about the Dolphin room is the Polly Pockets. And my friends. I like seeing Riley [the dog] a lot and petting Riley and holding his leash. I love my friends and I love making cakes on my school birthday. I love when Mr. Eric plays my favorite song - the dancing song when Ms. Holran holds our hands and goes out and in. 

- Taylor C., age 5, Dolphins graduate.