As a cooperative preschool, SHPS has the good fortune to attract members who have a keen interest in participating in and contributing to their children’s education. While the primary vehicle for this involvement is usually co-oping in the classroom, every family also has the opportunity to bring its special talents and interests to the school by serving on one of our many committees. SHPS committees are involved in every aspect of the school. Together with our board of directors, the committees help the school run smoothly. Committee work also provides a great opportunity to work with and get to know other parents and enriches the school experience for all the children.

Below are descriptions of our committees as well as some important individual positions that fall outside the scope of committees. Each committee has multiple members, depending on the need. Families are assigned to committees but may guide their assignment by indicating their committee preferences during the enrollment season every year.


Participation in efforts that raise money to pay for developmental screenings, teacher training, scholarships, field trips, curriculum materials, and to maintain an emergency fund to pay for unexpected expenses. Help coordinate various fundraising activities throughout the year, including ongoing initiatives as well as annual events.  Plans, prepares for and attends the annual Auction (typically held in the spring).  Each member of the committee will have both a non-Auction related and Auction related assignment.

Each committee member is required to participate in all three “maintenance days” over the school year (cleaning, repair, trash/debris hauling and “handyman” work).  Committee members also handle repairs, improvements or other needed tasks that  arise during the school year.


Provides tours and information to prospective members throughout the year, attends Preschool Fairs to market SHPS to the public, distributes and handles all applications to school including new and current families as well as mid-year enrollments, organizes and coordinates, and participates in Open House in January as well as additional Open Houses as needed, prepares, organizes and distributes Spring and Summer enrollment packets.  Assists Membership and Marketing chairs as needed throughout the year.

Membership Committee

Helps develop Pretend Room themes in coordination with staff.  Committee spends one full morning per month changing the room’s furniture, decorations, props, artwork and other materials in order to create that month’s theme. 

Pretend Room

Prepares for several school functions, including setting up and providing refreshments for the following events: Back to School Night, Winter General Membership Meeting, Open House and Spring General Membership Meeting.  The committee plans activities and the bake sale for Family Fun Day and sets up, decorates, and organizes the school-wide potluck Appreciation Luncheon at the end of the year.  This committee also prepares desserts for the annual school auction.  Assists in set-up for Fall and Winter/Spring Family Nights.

Social Committee

One family helps maintain and update the catalog of books in the teachers’ collection throughout the year, pulls books for monthly curriculum, catalogs books new to the school, advertises and processes book fair orders two times per year.  Coordinates both Barnes and Noble school book fairs (arranges for readers, selects date with Barnes and Noble, publicizes event) and Scholastic book fairs (provides order sheets, places orders, manages delivery of books).  Tidies up library each month.  

Library Committee

One family shops up to once weekly at discount supermarkets, mostly for food supplies for buyout snacks and school pet supplies. This family must have a membership at BJ's or Costco.  


Two families makes play dough monthly, does school laundry once per week, assists with special project preparation at home as requested by staff, and helps with curriculum-specific purchases such as pumpkins in October and food for the Feast at Thanksgiving.

Classroom Supplies

One family will coordinate enrollment forms, payment and liability waivers (as needed) for after-school programs.  This family will also coordinate enrollment forms, payment, and scheduling for Summer Fun.  

School Programs

Responsible for photographing school events for marketing materials and school website, photographing each child and creating/producing classroom photo placemats, and printing/hanging portraits in the school hallway as requested.  This parent should be available to attend most school events (restaurant nights, family activities, etc.) to take photographs. 


One family will assist the treasurer in budget planning, managing the school’s monthly financial reports, and other tasks as needed. One family will assist the Treasurer in processing tuition payments. 

Treasurer’s Committee