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2019 Best of Annandale Award - Preschool

Each year, in and around the Annandale area, the Annandale Award Program chooses only the best local businesses. The companies chosen exemplify the best of small business; often leading through customer service and community involvement.

Child Magazine's
 Outstanding Preschool Teacher in America Award

In 1995, Debbie Brown was named by Child Magazine as one of the America’s Ten Outstanding Preschool Teachers. Mrs. Brown was selected for this extraordinary honor by the internationally acclaimed child psychologist Dr. Stanley Greenspan. Mrs. Brown received special commendation for her work with children with special needs.

Fairfax Futures' School Readiness Educator Award

In 2009, SHPS Director Debbie Brown received this award, which is given annually to individuals in Fairfax County who inspire others to help young children make successful transitions to elementary school. Debbie Brown was recognized for her commitment to promoting school readiness through her close and constant work with parents and caregivers of small children as well as her participation on a School Readiness Neighborhood Team and a local Fairfax County Public School kindergarten transition team. Fairfax Futures is a non-profit organization that partners with Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax County’s Department of Family Services Office for Children, and various members of the business community to encourage dialogue and collaboration on school readiness between early childhood education programs and Fairfax County Public elementary schools.

Parent Cooperative Preschools International's District Award

In 2008, Debbie Brown was selected as one of four annual District Award recipients by Parent Cooperative Preschools International (PCPI), the umbrella organization for cooperative schools, representing over 50,000 families and teachers in its membership throughout the U.S., the U.K. and Canada. Recipients of the award must demonstrate effective leadership at their regional level, dedicated cooperation with parents and teachers, tangible benefits to children, and dedicated commitment to the well being of a parent cooperative school.

In 1998, Diane Kilbourne, Sleepy Hollow’s former administrator, also received one of PCPI’s annual District Awards for outstanding service and commitment to the cooperative school movement.

VCPC Annual Award Winners (for outstanding service to the school):

2004 – Bryant Snee
2005 – Claire Tafoya, Nancy Olson
2006 – Debbie Brown, Kathy Philpott Costa
2007 – Laura Fitzpatrick, Gretchen Maxwell
2008 – Laura Hall, Janet Bartling
2009 – Susan Budney, Teresa Willebeek-Lemair
2010 – Pamela Holran, Gayle Job
2011 – Dana Craft, Angel Fujimoto-Meagh
2012 – Trudy Parker, Mary DePippo
2013 – Tannie Glahn, Sang Im
2014 – Meagan Murphy, Sharon Tirona-Obias


Sleepy Hollow and some of its staff have the following community affiliations:

United Way/Combined Federal Campaign

Sleepy Hollow Preschool is a participant in the United Way/Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) fund drive. Our CFC donation number is 44447. Contributions made through a local firm or local government to a local United Way campaign should use the donation code 8147.

Virginia Cooperative Preschool Council (VCPC)

The council was organized in 1947 and at present has 30 member cooperative preschools. These schools find it valuable to exchange and share ideas and information on co-op school administration and education and to publicize the achievements of cooperative schools. The Council serves this purpose as well as working toward continuing improvement of standards for educational policy, orientation of new members, safety measures, staff salaries, etc. It keeps a file of educational materials and a registry of teachers as an aid in staff hiring. The Council also gives much needed help to new co-op schools including information on current activities of the Council and the individual member schools. Member schools send one or two delegates to Council meetings.

Parent Cooperative Preschool International (PCPI)

The purposes of this organization are to promote interchange of information and help among parent cooperative schools; to strengthen and extend the parent cooperative movement; to promote community appreciation of the need for parent and preschool education; to encourage continuing education for teachers and directors; to study legislation to further the health and well-being of children and families; and to cooperate with family living, adult education, and early childhood education organizations in the interest of more effective relationships with parents of young children. Membership includes subscriptions to the PCPI publications.

Virginia Association for Early Childhood Education (VAECE)

The purpose of this organization is to provide information on the education and development of young children. VAECE provides workshops and programs for early childhood educators.

Potomac Association of Co-op Teachers (PACT)

This organization has conferences for teachers to attend for in-service training.  Speakers at the conferences are leaders in the field of education.  Our staff attends the fall conference each year.

The George Washington University Community Connections Program

As part of our commitment to serving children with special needs, Sleepy Hollow became affiliated in 1995 with this program though which members of our staff are being trained and mentored as providers of fully inclusive preschool education.

Fairfax County Public School Transition Team

Sleepy Hollow’s Director participates in this county-wide task force that meets to discuss and implement strategies to ensure children’s kindergarten success and make available more resources on early childhood education for parents in the community.

School Readiness Neighborhood Team

Sleepy Hollow’s Director is also a member of a Fairfax Futures School Readiness Neighborhood Team project for the Annandale Terrace Elementary neighborhood. The project brings together a team of representatives from local businesses, Fairfax County’s Office for Children, the Fairfax County Public Schools, community organizations, family child care providers child care center staff, and other early education advocates in an effort to organize ideas and promote activities in the local neighborhood that will help children and their families better transition to kindergarten.