Sleepy Hollow Preschool has been nurturing the development of children in Northern Virginia for over sixty years! 

As a cooperative preschool, we are founded on the belief that children benefit when their parents have a hands on role in their child's education.  We have created a community of caring teachers and parents who all support students as they grow. 

At Sleepy Hollow Preschool we believe in:

  • Learning through play;
  • Fostering curiosity by centering our curriculum on the emerging interests of individual children;
  • Creating an inclusive school community where children of all abilities and backgrounds can grow;
  • Helping children develop the social and emotional skills necessary to have happy and healthy relationships with adults and their peers, and;
  • Fostering self-confidence and independence, so that students are prepared for the next steps in their social and educational development.


Sleepy Hollow Preschool's educational philosophy is centered on the belief that it is essential to love and accept each child for who he or she is.  When this type of environment is fostered, children are able to develop their own self-confidence.

By giving our students choices in how they structure their day, we empower them from an early age.  We believe our students are the best teachers when it comes to assessing and meeting their individual needs.  We seek to help children become confident, inquisitive and kind.

Respect, love an support are the foundations of any Sleepy Hollow Preschool classroom.  We believe all children shine brightest when they feel valued and important.



Children at Sleepy Hollow Preschool learn through play. We use an emergent curriculum model to develop activities and enriched environments which reflect the children’s interests while offering appropriate developmental tasks.  Our staff does not use a static or inflexible curriculum. Rather, children are enabled to select their own play from activities that include: 

  • active and quiet play;
  • large/small motor activities, and;
  • visual/auditory/kinesthetic opportunities.

We give children the opportunity to engage in organic and spontaneous social interactions by providing them with age appropriate activities to interact through play. 

At Sleepy Hollow, Everyone Gets to Play

We strive to create a community that is diverse in many ways, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, socioeconomic status, nationality, religion, belief systems, language, learning styles and more. We believe diversity in the classroom increases opportunities for learning and provides a richer environment for all students.